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At its core, FCY offers online training programmes tailored to support Gay, Bi & Trans guys get strong, confident and feel 20 years younger.

There’s 121 coaching as well as group training plans available – click Fitness Coaching for the deets – as well as an amazing community of like-minded guys, supporting each other, as we all make progress together.

...Local man discovers fitness can feel good, fit into his life and be something he looks forward to, more on that story later; now Barbara with the weather...
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I'll never ask you to give up pizza!

"I see so many guys talking about how unhappy they are, how they don't feel they're good enough or they're embarrassed of their body - this is so sad and it doesn't have to be this way. I've suffered from internalised homophobia - feeling like I wasn't good enough, just because I was gay - it doesn't have to be this way.”

Matt Boyles didn’t like fitness and didn’t think it was for him…

... until he discovered that it totally could be, if he did it on HIS terms.

“I was always put off the concept of fitness because the Fitness Industry felt so unwelcoming – like a serious and exclusive boys’ club I hadn’t been invited to. But when I started to ignore that, and did things my way, that was when things fell into place – heck, I even started a fitness company… this one!”

Helping other GBTQ+ guys discover their path with some workouts and other wellbeing elements became my passion. Making fitness fun, accessible and inclusive was suddenly so obvious – and five years on I’ve helped more than 1,400 guys around the world do exactly that.

It's not just about the body tranformation

Fitter Confident You is the culmination of my eleven years as a PT. It’s simple to follow, doesn’t involve spending hours and hours in the gym, doesn’t ask you to cut out any of your favourite foods and helps you feel happy with who you are and your place in the world. Using science and my proven skills, I want to help you feel fitter and more confident now.

... New Fitter Confident You client... Energy up ⬆️... Muscle up ⬆️ ... Fat down ⬇️ ... Anxiety down ⬇️ ... Confidence up ⬆️ ... Strength up ⬆️ ... Blood pressure down ⬇️ ... is it time for YOU to invest in your future?

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