Meet Matt Boyles,
your fitness coach

Just WHO is the Jurassic Park-watching, Dragon’s Den-surviving, karaoke-shouting, cottage cheese-obsessing, fitness maven behind Fitter Confident You?!

It’s Matt Boyles! Me, hi! The one rolling around on the rainbow (if that’s not a metaphor for my life, I don’t know WHAT is).

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Fitness. Done. Different.

I’ve met and spoken with so many lovely guys who felt exactly like I did: that there wasn’t enough inclusion in the Fitness Industry. That in many cases it was downright unwelcoming and at its worst, homophobic, biphobic and transphobic.

And if it wasn’t that, it was at least boring.

Why would anyone stick at a bit of fitness if they found it boring?

Answer: they wouldn’t!

...Local man discovers fitness can feel good, fit into his life and be something he looks forward to, more on that story later; now Barbara with the weather...
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A safe, inclusive fitness space

With Fitter Confident You, I’ve created a safe, inclusive Youniverse where everyone – and every body – is welcome, supported and encouraged. Giving people breathing space allows them to take ownership of their fitness, which means it sticks… which is when the magic happens.

And isn’t that what we’re here for… A bit of magic?

Hire me to speak

The success and reach of Fitter Confident You has meant I’ve been invited to speak at brilliant organisations including Virgin Media, Asahi Beer, the NSPCC, State Street, Henkel and Transport for London, in addition to numerous small businesses and Masterminds.

If you’d like some Fitter Confident You goodness at your company, drop me a line on, I have opinions about all these things and can do stand alone presentations or be part of a panel (I play well with others):

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'Fun' Mattfacts!

Hover over the boxes to read

Fact 1

I will not knowingly eat a banana, or anything banana-adjacent

Fact 2

In my late 20s, I had an adversity to sweatshirts and jumpers. Now in my 40s, I own 13 of them - too many, or making up for lost time?

Fact 3

I once ate 12 eggs on a pizza - the chef came out and had his photo taken with me

Fact 4

Before fitness took me over, like that fungus stuff in The Last of Us*, I used to DJ regularly at popular London nitespots, including Ministry of Sound, Pacha and Egg

Fact 5

I particularly enjoy the musical stylings of perennial global mega-hit-maker, Bjork!

Fact 6

I have a pair of workout shorts that I refuse to throw away, in spite of their many raggedy holes (front and back!), but they just fit and move so well and I’ve never found anything as good!

Fact 7

I often workout at a Crossfit gym… yet I don’t do Crossfit - how wacky!

Fact 8

In 2001-2002 I lived in Long Beach, California and drove a very old, gold car called - somewhat inevitably - the Goldsmobile, or Goldie for short.

Fact 9

Nine? You want a 9th amusing’n’ relatable fact? Fine! I once tried to eat 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts in 12 minutes for charity. Did I make it? Well do YOU see my name in the Guiness Book of Records?!

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