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Fitness Coaching

We do fitness, online training and nutrition, differently.

Every Fitter Confident You client experience is built from the ground up, to ensure it perfectly fits your life – below you can check out the ways we can work together.

Fitter Confident You was built from the ground up, to do fitness, online training and nutrition, differently.

If you’ve struggled with plans in the past then FCY will feel like a refreshing change, here’s why:

Having said that, you’ll find strength-building exercises at the core (!) of all we do; getting stronger is incredibly satisfying and will enhance your life in ways beyond your body (though that’s a great place to start).

It's not just about the body tranformation

Fitter Confident You is the culmination of my eleven years as a PT. It’s simple to follow, doesn’t involve spending hours and hours in the gym, doesn’t ask you to cut out any of your favourite foods and helps you feel happy with who you are and your place in the world. Using science and my proven skills, I want to help you feel fitter and more confident now.

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I'll never ask you to give up pizza!
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The Fitter Confident You App

As part of any FCY plan, you’ll get private access to the brilliant FCY app. This houses your workouts, includes videos of every exercise you can imagine (and some you can’t!) and it tracks your progress too, so you can be excited about ALL the different ways you’re moving forward (this is really powerful for motivation).

It also acts as your nutrition hub, you’ll find your personalised coaching, tasty recipes and even meal plans in there, waiting for you.

Plus there’s a messenger service, so you can ping me at any time with queries – it really is your one-stop fitness spot!

Not sure what you need?

Our Fitness Coaching Services

1-2-1 online training

Flagship Fitter Confident You plan

The Flagship. The Daddy (!). 

The Original! FCY started with just this plan, and while it’s evolved over the last five years, its power and ability to help anyone get into a workout routine they love has remained the same: it just works.

You get access to Matt with personalised EVERYTHING:

Find out more and to book a discovery call with Matt today.

Group online training

12 week Fitter Confident Crew

With group training you harness the power of people – you’ll find your tribe and be welcomed into the crew where everyone wants the best for each other. You’ll get workouts and nutrition tailored to your specific requirements and be part of something special, to ensure you hit your goals and love the process of doing so.

May 2024

Inspirational Fitness and Wellbeing Retreat in Italy

Your chance to pause, reset and unwind in beautiful surroundings, with likeminded guys…

See you there?

Frequently Asked Questions

... New Fitter Confident You client... Energy up ⬆️... Muscle up ⬆️ ... Fat down ⬇️ ... Anxiety down ⬇️ ... Confidence up ⬆️ ... Strength up ⬆️ ... Blood pressure down ⬇️ ... is it time for YOU to invest in your future?

Ok, I can’t get you sausages through your screen (yet) 

but sausages link together and another thing which links together is the brilliant FCY mailing list. Just pop your details below and three times a week you’ll get kind, fun and useful e-notes from me – thanks friend!