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Meet the FCY Crew

Testimonials and Transformations

I’m proud of each and every one of my Fitter Confident You clients.

I’m also very grateful to these clients who wanted to talk about their experiences to inspire and inform you, before you become a Fitter Confident Younicorn yourself!

Has this excited you about working together? Good! Click through to my main training page for more info!

Online personal training tailored for you

How can we help you?

At its core, FCY offers online training programmes tailored to support Gay, Bi & Trans guys get strong, confident and feel 20 years younger.

There’s 121 coaching as well as group training plans available – click Fitness Coaching for the deets – as well as an amazing community of like-minded guys, supporting each other, as we all make progress together.

Ok, I can’t get you sausages through your screen (yet) 

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